Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 116

What a sweltering week this has been, right? While most of us probably spent some time outside, lapping up that sweet summer sunshine, it’s actually not very healthy. Turning brown? Feeling dizzy? Need to drink lots? Well done, mate, you’ve had too much time in the sun and now you’re going to die. Maybe.

The Pure PlayStation team has been soaking up the sun this week, but it’s important to take some time in the shade and cool off. We’ve been using our old PS3 discs as make-shift fans – it’s all they’re good for these days.

Why not take a day off from sunbathing and play some games? It’s what we’re all doing this weekend, look:

Chris Harding

After a week of sweating from places I didn’t know I could sweat from, it’s time for a break. I won’t get much gaming done this weekend, at least not at home, as I’ll be travelling for a little family weekend away. That being said… I’m still a gamer, and with a PS Vita and Nintendo Switch to hand, I’ve got no shortage of goodies to get stuck into. I’ve recently been playing a lot of Real Boxing on the PS Vita, and I just need one more trophy to complete the set, so I reckon that’s my car journey sorted.

For the return leg I’m planning on taking on the last Divine Beast in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Should keep me busy until I’m back home…

Max Taylor

I finally bought Shadow of the Colossus – my favourite game of all time – on PS4 as my body is now ready to experience it again! We shall be spending some very special time together this weekend.

Stuart McLean

I have had the first of my many weeks off for summer holidays and today was the first day that boredom set in and I spent money on more games to add to my ever-increasing list: Yakuza 0 and Wolfeinstein: The New Colossus. Before I play any of them I need to clear some space on my HDD to install them, so Ni No Kuni 2 will be getting my undivided, head down, let’s do this all day long attention before I toss a coin to decide on what to play next.

Hannah Ellis

FIFA 18 will be getting all the attention this weekend as Coventry City goes all out for the cup. I’m also working on bringing my Monaco lap-time down in F1 2016 because I’m a sucker for those barriers, so any free time will be wasted on this pair.

Jeremy Peterson

I picked up Child of Light on sale for the Vita last week and it’s been taking up a good portion of my time. I’m a few years late on that, but what’s new? Plus I rearranged my VR play space, so I’ll have to get some PSVR’ing in as well. I’m thinking VR tennis and possibly reentering Doom VFR for the Hell of it. Besides, I need to bone up on my Aim controller skills to prepare for the inevitable beatdown I’m going to get when Firewall: Zero Hour releases next month.

Jason Frye

I will be spending my time on reviews this weekend to try to catch up. When I need a break, I will enjoy the narrative and puzzles of Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward.

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