Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 117

Between the heat, work, and general life, it’s great to reach the end of another week. There will be an opportunity to put your feet up and relax, even if it’s just for a few precious minutes. If you are in retail and working all weekend, we’ll pour one out for you brave souls. Both the heat and dealing with the public are not for the faint of heart.

Hang in there. Be sure to take some of that time for yourself, stop and smell the roses, and play some games. Sweet, sweet games. As a show of our commitment, here is what we have on our plates this weekend. Be sure to drop your plans in the comments.

Kyle Durant

Besides a Tempest 4000 review to finish, I finally made time for Persona 5. A lot darker than I thought it would be so far. Hopefully, I can get a good chunk done before Tuesday as several PS Plus titles will be downloaded.

Stuart Mclean

After last weeks Plays, fellow Purist Max Taylor recommended Shadow of the Colossus – and safe to say it is a belter! I’ll be finishing up the last few Colossus’s (Colossuses? Colusi? Khalesi?) before jumping down the rabbit hole that is Yakuza 0 – my first in the series.

Max Taylor

I’ll be playing State of Mind for review and occasionally dipping back into Shadow of the Colossus in an ongoing effort to get the platinum.

Jason Frye

I will finally be getting back to videos in my reviews. It’s been too long. For games, it looks like now is the right time to start playing Middle-earth: Shadow of War, so that will get some of my attention this weekend too.

The rest of the team was busy helping the kitten in the image down from the tree. They should be back next week.

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