Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 118

There are 137 days until Christmas – roughly four and a bit months. And yet, in the UK today, you could sit and watch Arthur Christmas on the telly. I mean… really? Now, I don’t have any kids, unless you count the dog walking around in a Yoda costume, but I can’t think of anything worse than having the little “cherubs” at home during the summer holidays already scribbling their overly pretentious wish lists. Who needs a My Little Lego Nerf Pony anyway?

But that’s enough from Miss Grinch. Here’s what we’re doing for fun this weekend. How about you sit on Santa’s lap in the comments lodge below and share your plans?

Stuart McLean

A busy weekend for me mainly consisting of things away from the controller, but what precious few hours I do get will find me roaming Mars and busting demonic heads in Doom or roaming the streets of 80s Tokyo and busting heads in Yakuza 0. Hopefully my time away from the controller will involve no busting of heads anywhere as I’m a lover not a fighter.

Kyle Durant

This weekend involves Persona 5 and Defenders of Ekron review copy. Life has been giving me a beating and when I have had time to game I want to play Persona 5. Plus, all those PS Plus goodies I still have to get too. Hopefully Chris comes to like Horizon Zero Dawn at least since he admitted to playing it again.

Jason Frye

I will be working on a review and playing more Middle-earth: Shadow of War. My current nemesis has killed me at least three times (probably more) and gloats every time, but I will get him eventually.

Hannah Ellis

I will be diving to the wondrous world of Rapture in Bioshock The Collection. Having already endured a few hours so far, I have to say I’m very impressed by how well it holds up in this day and age. It’s a work of art, in both style and narrative.

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