Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 119

This week, some have had their lives disrupted in a vile attempt to make them learn something. In the coming weeks, more people will be shoved into buildings rife with buzzing fluorescent lighting for hours at a time in an effort to make them more knowledgeable. Like a freedom-stealing, Grim Reaper of summer, school and tests are coming for us all.

This is normally true, unless, of course, school is so far behind you that you are sending your own little group of minds to be molded in the educational system. Depending on your situation, that could be scary, great, or both. Perspective is everything, we guess.

As a reward for learning in either case, play a game or two this weekend. Maybe even invite the kiddos. Here are our plans to reward ourselves. Please drop yours in the comments.

Kyle Durant

This weekend will be another unhealthy chunk of Persona 5. I’m 45 hours in and I still dont feel like I’m near the end. At this rate I might not even finish by the time Spiderman comes out.

Hannah Ellis

Well, I’m following the team trend of late and diving into Doom. I don’t rate my chances much, though; I got slaughtered at the very first gore nest…

Jason Frye

I have a pretty full non-gaming weekend, but I hope to carve out some time for Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Those fortresses won’t take themselves, you know.

Max Taylor

I’ll be revisiting some recently reviewed games including State of Mind and Anamorphine to polish off trophies as I simply can’t stand them sitting on my PS4 with anything less than 100% completion.

The rest of the team is still in a school daze based on the impact of all that learning or shaking and crying from the memories of their own time of scholarly pursuit. They should be back to their regular selves next week. 

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