Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 120

Gamescom is officially over, and many exhausted people will be traveling home to keep writing about the games they saw. Many others will go home to continue working on those games, so they can meet quality and time deadlines that will keep them from holding a sign that says, “Will program games for food”. That’s the gaming equivalent of the circle of life.

We all have a part to play, and it’s a jungle out there. We devour games, and the people who make those games devour our income. Somebody let Elton John know he is on in five.

As we jam out to his dulcet vocals, here is how we will be spending our time this weekend. Be sure to drop your own plans in the comments.

Max Taylor

Between visiting London and writing up a review of a game I greatly enjoyed, I’ll be playing Gorogoa and Night in the Woods, which I picked up in the PlayStation sale.

Chris Harding

I’ve got a lot if work to do this weekend, so, once I lock up the shop on Saturday evening, I’ll be hunkered down at my desk writing reviews for the world’s consumption.

Kyle Durant

I’ve forced myself to take a semi-break with Persona 5 as it just doesn’t end. In the meantime I plan on playing a bit more of the new F2P Spacelords and a nice review copy. Also, I will wait with baited breath as my 500 Million Edition PS4 Bundle is delivered to my safe, warm arms.

Jason Frye

I will be drifting around the curves of All-Star Fruit Racing this weekend for a review. Why aren’t more kart racers on non-Nintendo consoles?

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