Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 121

We’ve made it to another Friday. Somehow. But our job is not to question, only to enjoy the weekend in a meaningful way. And by that we mean close the curtains, sit back on the couch and feed our digital cravings with a long gaming session. And by that we mean as long as we’re able to hold life and it’s distractions at bay. And by that we mean not very long.

But that’s enough of the harsh reality. After all, this might be the weekend when the kids entertain themselves. Work stays in the confines of the office. And the other half respects our need for alone time. Either way, why not share your dreams for the two days ahead. Here’s ours to get you started:

Jeremy Peterson

I’m all about Firewall: Zero Hour right now. If I can find a lobby with a good group of players this weekend, they may have to pry that Aim controller out of my cold dead hands Charlton Heston style.

Max Taylor

Having worked my way through a few reviews games and a handful of other shorter indie games on my backlog I’ll be playing Night in the Woods and potentially buying a few other games in the sale because I cannot control myself.
Additionally I will be readying my body and my schedule for the imminent release of Spiderman.

Chris Harding

The only gaming I’ll be doing is with Charlie and “monkey” on the Nintendo Wii. His favourite character is Donkey Kong in Maria Kart Wii, and as we don’t have the wheel attachment for the Switch, my poor eyes will be abused by having the Wii’s non-HD image blown up on my lovely 4K TV. When I’m not playing with Charlie and Monkey, I’ll be strapping myself to my desk in an effort to catch up on a month’s worth of work.

Jason Frye

I will be working on some reviews and working on some video projects. I hope to show you both next week. Otherwise, I will be spending time with family and eating and grilling hamburgers over the long weekend.

Kyle Durant

This weekend will be my first with the 500 Million Edition PS4 Pro. I can’t wait to continue playing Shadows Awakening, Far Cry 5 Zombie DLC, Spacelords, and Mafia 3 on it. Also, I’m still debating redownloading Destiny 2 after the disappointing 2nd DLC drop.

Hannah Ellis

I’ll be playing that AAA classic, Let’s Try To Fix The Electrics. It’s a tense and dark game, filled with many perilous actions. Not to mention the highly addictive mini game, Try It Now. Try It Now. Try It Now.

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