Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 122 – Spectacular, Amazing Edition

It’s the weekend, but it’s not just any weekend, it’s Marvel’s Spider-Man release weekend! After a couple of years of waiting and wishing, Insomniac’s Spider-Man for PS4 is now upon us.

It makes sense, then, that most of us here at Pure PlayStation will be spending the weekend with the famed webhead. Here’s what we’re doing this weekend:

Chris Harding

I’ve picked up review duties for Spider-Man on PS4, so I’ll be spending as much time this weekend playing through Peter Parker’s latest outing to get a review written and delivered. Not that anyone will actually need to read it; it is already highly praised within the industry, so it all boils down to whether you actually want it or not.

When I’m not swinging around skyscrapers, I’ll be making left turns in NASCAR Heat 3, and maybe a bit of Mario Kart with the boy.

Max Taylor

I predictably will be playing Spider-Man every spare second I have between attending gigs and working!

Jeremy Peterson

I don’t like spiders so I’m going to stick with the excellent Firewall Zero Hour for the PSVR this weekend. I also have a pretty cool new VR compatible game I’m reviewing, so that will get some time. My flat game adventures will include some Dragon Quest 11, because my ten-year-old self demands it.

Kyle Durant

Obvious game being played this weekend is obvious. (Minimal effort entry from Kyle this weekend as he is already on the hunt for Spider-Man’s platinum trophy.)

Jason Frye

No Spider-Man for me. I will be working my way through reviews with some great stuff coming next week.

Stuart Mclean

Spider-Man. Do I need to say anymore? (Another low effort being thrown into the ring. Spider-Man is changing people, and not for the better. #TeamJJJameson)

Hannah Ellis

I will be bucking the trend and the digital age by going analogue with a good old board game. Ticket to Ride has been in its wrapper long enough, it’s time to hit the tracks. I’ll also be keeping an eye on any developments about the Horizon Zero Dawn board game. There’s always space for another one…

That’s what we’re up to this weekend. Swing on down to the comments section below and let us know what you’ll be playing.

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