Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 123

The working week is behind most of us for now, so it means a weekend full of joy and wonder. As summer is coming to an end, there’s really no reason to venture outside. The growing risk of catching a cold/being hit by a bus just makes it safer to stay indoors and hunker down with some video games.

Seriously, stay indoors. There’s nothing good outside anyway, and we’ve seen with Marvel’s Spider-Man, the graphics outside aren’t as good as the ones on our TVs.

As always, the format is that we, the team at Pure PlayStation, tell you, the readers, what we’re playing this weekend, and then we invite you to share your gaming plans down in the comments section below.

Chris Harding

Between my regular job and reviews, I’m going to struggle to do much gaming this weekend. Still, I’ll put in the hours with Marvel’s Spider-Man to sweep up my first every Platinum trophy. Can you believe it? I own a PlayStation website and I’m yet to earn one of the top gongs in gaming. Shame on me, but thanks to Spidey, I’m almost there.

Kyle Durant

Now that Spider-Man is awaiting some October DLC, Firewall Zero Hour will get some more playtime as long as my setup doesn’t continually strafe again. Also, looking to start Dead by Daylight, Mafia 3, or Shadow of the Tomb Raider before Assassin’s Creed Odyssey releases.

Max Taylor

With Spider-Man finished with until the DLC releases and a weekend full of work I will have very little time for games. When I do have time however I shall be playing Observer which has already captivated me with its dark sci-fi world and has me even more excited for Cyberpunk 2077.

The rest of the team is currently missing in action, most likely glued to their PS4s and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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