Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 124

It seems like everyone is dodging storms this week, no matter which part of the world you might call home. If you do decide to leave, take your most valuable possessions such as family photos and heirlooms, pets, PS4, and head off to safer and drier destinations.

If you wait out the storms in your own home, or if your stormy week has nothing to do with the weather, take some time to mentally escape to another climate, another planet, or just escape into your favorite game.

Here is how we are weathering the storm this weekend.

Kyle Durant

Because I’m a lazy ass, I still haven’t started Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Mafia 3, or Dead by Daylight. Who knows if I’ll get to one, but Warface finally went completely free to download and I want to definitely try that.

Max Taylor

Other than playing a game for review I just borrowed Middle Earth: Shadow of War from a friend so I’ll be jumping into that for some juicy orc slaying action.

As a big fan of the first game I’m excited to finally get around to playing the sequel, especially since several improvements, including the removal of microtransactions, have been implemented.

Chris Harding

Me and the Mrs are currently playing through This is the Police 2 on PS4 – review to come in a few days. It’s gripping stuff, but it hits a little close to home when it comes to employees taking the piss (not the Pure PlayStation crew – the Clarks lot!). When we’re not busting criminals in This is the Police 2, we’re busting each other with the PlayLink games Knowledge is Power. I’m getting busted the most…

Stuart Mclean

Having swung myself silly in Spider-Man, I’ve moved onto Shadow of the Tomb Raider, so that will pretty much occupy my spare time over the weekend. I must confess now it’s finished I am still pining for some web-swinging action, so I may still boot up Spider-Man to get my lycra fix.

Jason Frye

After a week that didn’t include much gaming and a weekend filled with things that didn’t get done during the week, I look forward to some time in the evenings when I will try to peacefully play. If you see me push out a couple reviews soon (and I hope you do), you’ll know I was successful. Place your bets now.

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