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Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 127

The weekend is here, again. Yay! We’ve all made it through yet another working week and we’re still alive to tell the water cooler tales. Here’s what we’re doing this weekend:

Chris Harding

I recently bought Firewall Zero Hour for the PSVR based on Jeremy’s recommendation. While he’s wrong about a lot of things, this time he was spot on the money. I’ll be running around like Rambo with Jez, trying not to die and trying not to piss off too many people online. I’ve also got Astro Bot Rescue Mission waiting in the wings, so expect a review this weekend.

Jason Frye

I want to dive back into some Yakuza Kiwami 2. That hostess club won’t run itself, and I’m in the mood for a little brawling. I need to carve out some more time for it, but after threatening for the last few weeks, I will finally be pushing out a video opinion in the next few days.

Hannah Ellis

I will be burning some rubber in F1 2018 as I work on bringing my lap-times down. I’ve managed to get a few hours in this week, and shaved off a few seconds here and there, so let’s see what a weekend can do for my skill! Probably not a lot…

Max Taylor

I shall be continuing to galavant around Ancient Greece with reckless abandon as I work my way towards Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s platinum. Once that’s done, I will sit in a darkened room counting the seconds until Red Dead 2 releases.

Stuart McLean

My weekend can be summed up in two words – Assassin’s Creed. I’ve barely dipped my toe into the world of Odyssey, and so far I’m liking what I’m seeing. As may have already been said, time is running out until the behemoth that is Red Dead 2 arrives, so I need to jump right in before I relegate Assassin’s Creed to the ever growing pile of shame.

Jeremy Peterson

I’ll be playing some more Firewall Zero Hour this weekend for sure. I’m a little rusty and that just won’t do. I’m also finally getting around to the first season of Life is Strange. So far so good.

Kyle Durant

I’ve recently found a nice mix of Foul Play, Friday the 13th, Warface, and Laser League. I’ll continue that this weekend until Red Dead Redemption 2 shows up.

So that’s what we’re doing this weekend, what about you? Will you be donning a PSVR headset and exploring new worlds? Or will you be grinding away in your favourite RPG? Let us know down in the comments section down below.

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