Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 131

The daily grind is almost over for another week, folks. With the weekend sitting pretty and inviting us to do all manner of things, it’d be rude not to, right?

It’s been a fairly quiet week around Pure PlayStation HQ, but that’s soon to change as the second wave of big-hitters primes for release. Before we’re swamped with work and reviews, we’re all going to have a nice big rest for the weekend and get some gaming time in before 9:00AM rolls around on Monday.

Chris Harding

My gaming time is going to be really, really limited. Sunday morning I’m travelling to Amsterdam for my holidays, and I’m working all day on Saturday, so there’s really not much space for gaming. That said, I’ll probably not sleep on Saturday night due to excitement, so expect to find me crouched behind Jeremy in Firewall Zero Hour on PSVR, whispering silly things into his ears. He loves it.

During my long train journey to Amsterdam, I’m planning on playing a bit of LEGO Harry Potter on the Nintendo Switch. I had a quick go the other day and it looks really nice, so that’ll be a nice way to kill the time. I’ll probably just end up sleeping though…

Oh, just remembered! I’m actually planning on going to a VR arcade in Amsterdam, so I may get some gaming time in after all! Whether I’ll remember it or not is another question…

Kyle Durant

Now that the Fallout 76 beta has died down I’ll jump into more RDR2, but only for certain lengths. The game’s meticulousness is still a bother at times.

Jason Frye

Plays: I will play some more Red Dead Redemption 2 while I continue to wonder about how I feel about it. Other than that, I will put a few fleeting minutes into Super Mario Odyssey. It’s about time I give that little plumber some love.

Hannah Ellis

I will be going off piste with Octopath Traveler on the Switch. From the hour I’ve managed so far, it appears to be a nice change from the monotony we are sometimes gifted. Plus, as a bookworm, the stealing of an ancient tome has grabbed my attention. Other than that I’m hoping to read a little more of Ready Player One. It’s scary how relatable that book is…

Max Taylor

I have now finally finished Red Dead’s story so once I’ve had sufficient time to reflect on that I’ll jump back in to clean up some side content and trophies
I’ll also finally get around to playing a game for review which has regrettably been neglected in favour of Red Dead 2.

Jeremy Peterson

I feel like I’ve just been copying & pasting my Plays lately. This weekend is more of the same. One part Red Dead Redemption 2 mixed with a lethal dose of Firewall Zero Hour on the PSVR.

That’s what we’re up to this weekend, what about you? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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