Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 132

There are fewer pleasures than a Friday evening in winter. The week is over, so too is its drama. And with the darkness setting in, there’s nowhere we’d rather be than snuggled up on the sofa with a Dualshock controller for company. And our better halves, of course.

But that’s enough of the sentiment.

Just in case your of the stalker variety, itching to know what we’re doing over the next few days, here are our weekend plays. Now we’re not of the stalker variety, unless you happen to live within our bus district and we can follow you on a day saver ticket, but do share your plans with us below. We’re needy like that…

Jason Frye

I will be spending time in the great outdoors clearing tree limbs that fell during an ice storm with a chainsaw that may have been made by PlaySkool. For games, I want to keep pushing through Red Dead Redemption 2. Chapter 3 isn’t grabbing me so far. It’s OK, boy, but I’m hoping it will pick up a little.

Stuart McLean

I have not had as much alone time with my PS4 as I would have liked this week so my plan is to jump right back in to RDR2 and have as long as possible roaming the wilds atop my trusty steed. I realise now that sentence is far more sexual than I intended it to be, but what can I say it’s lonely out in the Wild West.

Max Taylor

I’ll be working all weekend so it’s pissed up rugby fans and loneliness for me, no video games!

Kyle Durant

Nothing but Fallout 76. Screw chores, responsibilities, RDR2, and all adult things. I’m getting lost in West Virginia.

Hannah Ellis

It’ll be some more Dragon Quest Builders and Octopath Traveler for me. I’m not saying they’re perfect, though they are not far off, but both have certainly kept my interest for longer than an hour here and there.

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