Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 134

Is another week gone? Much like who drank the last of the milk in the fridge, no one knows how it happened. We just know that the work week haze has cleared as a weekend comes into view. We are cubicle sailors lost at sea all week and watching the clock on Friday afternoon as the land, or some free time for gaming, is finally spotted over the horizon. Those who work retail over the weekend may be stuck in Davy Jones’ Locker until the next day off, the poor souls.

Sticking with this unlikely nautical theme, check out what we will be doing with this weekend’s shore leave. Be sure to leave your plans in the comments, or ye’ll have to walk the plank.

Max Taylor

After a few solid weeks of Red Dead I’m taking a respite by playing some games from my backlog. This weekend I’ll be playing demon-blasting FPS Doom and quirky retro sci-fi puzzler Headlander, both of which I’m really enjoying so far.

Stuart Mclean

Another busy week for me which has meant I haven’t been able to jump into Red Dead Online as soon as I would have liked, so I plan on forming myself a posse and hitting the trail. Between that and a game I’ve got bubbling away for a review, that will round my weekend out.

Chris Harding

Spyro has reignited some gaming flare in my other half, so we’ve been passing the controller back and forth and will continue to do so over the weekend. So many collectibles… I’ve also got a decent season on the go with FIFA 19, so I’ll be kicking the digital pig skin around rather than brave the cold.

Kyle Durant

This weekend will be preoccupied by a little Red Dead Redemption 2 online alongside getting out reviews for Thronebreaker and Arca’s Path. Maybe some drunk Rocket League too.

Jeremy Peterson

With no reviews on the go, I’ll probably do what I usually do: pop on the VR headset and flail around my living room. The new, AND FREE!, 2 player update on 2MD VR Football is a lot of fun and Beat Saber has been hard to put down. I’m also hoping to put the PurePlayStation crew back together soon for some Firewall Zero Hour.

Hannah Ellis

It’s a weekend of firsts for me as I’ve managed to get my hands on Final Fantasy 1, Dragon Warrior 1, and, you guessed it, Castlevania 1. My gaming pedigree is a little rough around the edges (darn you Detective Barbie: The Mystery Cruise), but I’m trying my best to put things right!

Jason Frye

I will have to plug gaming into the weekend whenever I can. I will also be catching up on some backlogged stuff that needs to go out. If I have some time for gaming, I’d like to swing with Spider-Man and Peter Parker in my attempt to fill my upcoming best of the year list.

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