Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 135

Many seek an exciting life with glitz, glamour, and shaken, not stirred, martinis. Although the call to adventure is strong, at the end of the week, we here at Pure PlayStation HQ just want to shake our shoes off and feel the warm embrace of a comfortable chair as we experience our derring-do vicariously in our favorite games.

Perhaps, we have enough excitement in our weeks already. It could also be that we realize we do miss the naps we fought when we were kids. Maybe we’re just getting older. No matter the reason, it seems to make us happy.

Here are our plans for the weekend. Let us know in the comments if you prefer a quiet relaxing time, or if you plan to keep your blood pumping all weekend by doing wild things like jumping out of an airplane. (If you have jumped out of an airplane, was it awesome?)

Chris Harding

I’m putting my feet up this weekend with not much new, really. I’ve still got Spyro to beat, as well as a couple of others for site reviews. I actually hear the LEGO Harry Potter games calling my name for some festive fun.

Stuart Mclean

I’ve a few things bubbling away on other consoles this weekend that are needing my attention, but, when I’m not catching them all on the Switch, I’ll be back exploring the Wild West. Red Dead is so big I’ve hardly touched the story missions, and so my plan this weekend is to make a decent dent in that before the festive season gets into full swing.

Kyle Durant

This weekend will officially be the first weekend I work on Thronebreaker. I am looking forward to more GWENT goodness. RDR2 Online will also get some more love, and who knows if I might jump into Just Cause 4 as well.

Max Taylor

After finishing up a few reviews I’ll be returning to Doom which should fit nicely around a fairly busy weekend. Hope and I may dip back into some co-op in Unravel 2, Earth Defense Force 5, or Mech City Brawl (review incoming), or get started on a joint playthrough of Little Nightmares.

Hannah Ellis

One word, Spider-Man. Or is that two? Either way, it’s time I took the onesie wearing hero for a spin around Manhattan. Apparently, it’s not too shabby…

Jason Frye

I will be working on a strategic review of Jagged Alliance: Rage. When I am not taking turns and crawling through the jungle, I will be going under the sea with Subnautica to find food, clean water, and more patches for the game.

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