Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 136

It’s now less than a couple of weeks to go until the anti-burglar arrives, which gives us all just enough opportunity to downgrade our security systems and leave the door on the latch. Isn’t it funny how overgrown whiskers and a red dressing gown turns you from a robber into a Saint? Even if that is Saint Nick-olas.

(For our non-british readers, the word ‘nick’ means to steal. Hopefully that definition allows you to appreciate my unrivaled comedic talents. And, yes, I’m sure that sentence got you laughing more than the actual joke.)

Now that we’ve all agreed I’m the new Ken Dodd, we’ll get on to the serious stuff. Here are our plans for the few days ahead. Feel free to add your shenanigans to the comments section, below.

Kyle Durant

After Just Cause 4 was a bitter disappointment, I have my weekend wide open. So I’ll be working on my Gungrave VR review and maybe some RDR2 Online and Rocket League.

Max Taylor

Now that I am free of uni until Jan I’ll be attempting get through some of my backlog from this year and beyond. This weekend I plan to finish Doom and play Little Nightmares while Everything will provide me some much needed relaxation and contemplation between the intensity of the former and the oppressive creepiness of the latter.

Stuart McLean

It is the festive season and my gaming activities are mostly on hold this weekend – work night out tomorrow and my money is down on a day in bed regretting it on Sunday. Should I manage to feel human enough at any point I’ll be trying to get a review game done and dusted or I might just revert to the comfort blanket of a game that is Spider-Man as I nurse a killer hangover, only time will tell!

Jason Frye

I have a full plate of mostly non-gaming activities this weekend. I will be finishing up a review, and I will be working on my personal game of the year list. I’m sure I have missed some gems, but that just means they are cheaper when I get to them.

Hannah Ellis

My last impulse buy treat before Christmas was Sega Mega Drive Classics, so that will have my attention this weekend. The selection is not too shabby, though I’m yet to try much beyond Wonder Boy. But I’m sure that’ll change this weekend, complemented by a big box of whiskey fudge.

Please note: Chris and Jeremy are currently armed to the teeth, fighting for their lives in Firewall. Or was that Nickelodeon Kart Racers? I get confused…

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