Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 137 – The 3rd Annual Christmas Edition

Ho-ho-ho! ‘Tis the last Pure PlayStation Plays before the serial home invader known as Santa Claus visits all the good little boys and girls. Have you been naughty, or have you been nice? Santa’s got a list, and apparently he’s checking it twice.

Ah, who cares. I’ve been a bastard this year and there’s still a sizeable amount of presents with my name on them under the tree, so fear not. Anyway, enough of my low-effort comedy, here’s what the Pure PlayStation team is doing on this fine, wintry weekend. Oh, and please do enjoy the one and only Christmas song you’ll ever need embedded up above.

Chris Harding

I’ll be clocking out of work early on Saturday in a bid to make a mad dash around town to buy the presents I swore I’d bought months ago. I do this every year in the hope that I’ll get to live through my own version of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Jingle All The Way. It hasn’t happened yet, but I have a good feeling about this year.

When I’m not lampooning one of the best Christmas films around (I’ll fight anyone who disagrees) I’ll be playing some sweet games. One of which is Firewall Zero Hour, so catch me on the battlefield and don’t forget to say hi. When I’m not shooting strangers in the face (or being shot in my own face), I’ll be spending some quality time with the Mrs and the child.

Max Taylor

I’ve just wrapped up the final Spider-Man DLC and tomorrow I’m off to York (the OG one) for Christmas. I’ll be taking a week off from games to drink and eat continuously but I’ve got plenty to get stuck into in the new year!

Kyle Durant

Even though I should be responsible and catch up more on my backlog, I see plenty of Spider-Man DLC keeping me busy this weekend. Besides it’s all about waiting until January 29th now

Jeremy Peterson

Chris has caught up to my level on Firewall Zero Hour, and I can’t let that stand, so I’ll be blasting through that whenever I get a chance. I’ll also make time to step back into Pandora and enjoy some Borderlands 2 VR.

Jason Frye

Assuming I stay well while engaging in viral Russian roulette with my family, I will be traveling this weekend and playing a lot of the classic “Are we there yet?”. The Switch is likely to see a bit more love, so I will still be able to get my fix without going into the gaming DTs.

Hannah Ellis

Whilst the guys are busy with the DLC for Spider-Man, I will be making in roads on the original main campaign. The game is proving a fun distraction from more demanding titles. Plus, who doesn’t love being a superhero for a bit?

So that’s what we’re up to on the last weekend before Christmas. Pretty much the standard stuff, really, but what about you? Will you be running around town trying to pick up some last minute gifts? Or will you be spending it in front of the fire with a few games? Comment down below.

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