Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 138 – The Last One of 2018

2018 is fast coming to a close, and this is our last Pure PlayStation Plays of the year. Hang on, let me wipe that tear from my eye before we continue…

As it’s the last one of the year… most of us are vegged out on our sofas, fat from Christmas leftovers, bottles of booze that relatives ditched in the garden, and some suspicious pills that were left lying around after Boxing Day festivities with the rarely seen distant family. Standard procedure, really. As such, there may be one or two of us missing from action in this week’s Plays, but there’s always next year…

Chris Harding

I’m spending my weekend in my dressing gown and slippers as I nurse the manliest flu known to man. It’s also the perfect excuse to spend my weekend slumped in front of the telly with a controller in my hands. I’ve gotten myself a few treats in the post-Christmas sales, so I’ll be going back to Frank West’s roots in the original Dead Rising, jumping around, chasing orbs in Crackdown on Xbox One, and putting in a bit of time with Firewall Zero Hour, so long as I’m not barfing.

Stuart McLean

‘Tis the season of sitting around in your pants, eating drinking and being merry, so of course I’m doing all of the above with the while playing all my new Christmas games that spewed forth from the Jolly old fella’s sack. Top of my hit list is Beat Saber in an effort to gain my VR legs and finally make the plunge into Firewall and be the weakest link on the Pure PlayStation Firewall team, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for any VR action just yet – I also tried jumping in on Creed and swiftly fell foul to the walking mechanics but with the added bonus of getting virtually punched in the face while feeling nauseated. So rounding out my holiday cheer I am determined to finish the main campaign of Red Dead Redemption 2 before the New Year, call it a pre-resolution if you will!

Jason Frye

I won’t have much time for gaming this weekend, but I will sneak in a little time with the Switch as we make our long journey home. I am hoping for an uneventful drive this time, but we’ll see if Santa left a virus under the tree.

Max Taylor

Spyro Reignited Trilogy will be providing some much-needed escapism as I sink back into the grind of uni work. If time allows I’ll also give some time to the half-a-dozen games I got in the January sale, including The Unfinished Swan and Tacoma.

Kyle Durant

Now that I’m still waiting for January 29th to roll around, Realm Royale will be played a lot more and I also got around to downloading the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. So this weekend is looking very pleasant.

The rest of the team is tripping balls around the Christmas tree. You know how it is…

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