Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 139

How is 2019 treating you so far? With only four days into 2019, many people have already left the dream and guilt-fueled resolutions of a new life and new body in the dust. Most (roughly 80%) will drop them within six weeks, but don’t let that get you down. We like you, and you have found the gaming site equivalent of binge-worthy, comfort food.

If you do need a sense of accomplishment, Johnny or Janie Go-Getter, one resolution that seems to work for all of us is to find and play more games we love. Happiness is a warm hard drive spinning up new adventures, and there should be some decent titles as we enter the PS4’s twilight years. If you can manage to eliminate your backlog this year, we salute you. If not, keep your chin up, check out how we are keeping our resolutions, and be sure to drop your weekend plans in the comments.

Kyle Durant

This weekend will finally be a weekend I should have all to myself. Which means Spyro Reignited and Realm Royale until Jan 29th. Everyone should know by now what that date means.

Max Taylor

I’ll be polishing off the platinum in Spyro: Year of the Dragon to wrap up what has been a joyous romp through nostalgia. I’ll also be trying to catch up with some of 2018’s backlog before 2019’s new releases occupy all my time.

Jeremy Peterson

Despite Chris’s terrible new defense strategy, I’m already itching to get back to Firewall Zero Hour. I can almost taste that revive pistol. I did pick up an indie game on sale for the Vita called Deadbolt. It’s difficult and frustrating, but I’m married so it’s also surprisingly comfortable. I may also attempt to finish my “platinuming” of Creed: Rise to Glory. I’ve been feeling a little soft after the holidays, and some living-room-boxing may be just what the doctor ordered.

Stuart Mclean

It seems to be the weekend of the Dragon, as I too will be continuing my foray into Spyro Reignited – having just achieved the platinum for the first game I hope that I can repeat that feat with the next two games in the trilogy over the weekend.

Jason Frye

This weekend will be spent with family and trying to work on some things for the site, before everything goes (semi) back to normal schedules next week. After being unable to game on my PS4 for a while, there is a nice backlog, so I’ll be trying to finish some things, like Spider-Man.

Chris Harding

This weekend is not a gaming weekend. It’s a working weekend. I’ll be locked to my desk for as long as my little family allows it, but I will be making a bit of time for Firewall Zero Hour. Obviously. Oh, and I have one game to finish for a review, but it’s not looking great and I’ve been kicking it back because, well, it’s just not that great.

Hannah Ellis

The New Year sales were rather disappointing, but I did manage to grab Far Cry 5 at a reasonable price, so I’ll be gunning my way through Hope County, fuelled by its intoxicating sermons.

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