Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 140

Once again, it’s the time of the week when our bosses let us out on good behaviour. And how do we repay that favour? By staying up way too late, turning our eyes square. But what else are you going to do for 48 hours straight – speak to your other half? As if they’re more interesting than what’s on the box…

In addition to ignoring the family, we’ll also be booting up the consoles and losing ourselves in their digital nirvana. Why don’t you join us in our antisocial-ness?

Max Taylor

While I’ll mainly be revising this weekend for an exam on Monday I will take some time to start playing Detroit: Become Human. I’m not too sure what I was doing in May of last year which made me miss out on Quantic Dream’s latest interactive tale but I’m looking forward to finally experiencing the android revolution.

Chris Harding

My weekend is going to be full of fun! I’ve managed to wing the Saturday off so I can stay up stupidly late on Friday and play vidya gamez! I’ve got a couple of review games to play, but for my main fun I’m going to be trying to get back into Shadow of War, but I’m feeling a little burnt out on open worlds at the moment. I also picked up a cheap and cheerful PSVR shooter as part of the North American Holiday Sales – Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition. It cost less than $3.00! I’ve also let Football Manager creep back into my life thanks to the damn thing being available on Nintendo Switch, so that’s my toilet breaks sorted.

Kyle Durant

Now that I’ve unfortunately learned that Realm Royale is full of bots, Beat Saber will finally be started and maybe start some other games on the backlog. Thinking Shadow of the Tomb Raider or Yakuza Kimwami.

Jason Frye

I will be putting on my chef’s hat as I try making ramen that is a step above the instant stuff. I fully expect for it to be terrible. I’ll also be spending a lot of time annoying my out of town family. They secretly love it. Any remaining time will be spent scaring myself in the Resident Evil 2 Demo, trying the Dead or Alive Online Beta, and sleeping. Or just sleeping.

Hannah Ellis

I’m battling through that dreaded Man Flu, or as most of us like to call it a dastardly cold, so with my head banging like Donkey Kong on his bongos, I think I’m going to settle on something tame and pretty. There aren’t many games in my collection that come close to that sort of description, so it looks as though Dragon Quest Builders will prevail. At least it should be finished by the launch of the second.

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