Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 142 – We Turned Three Edition

It’s important to celebrate your milestones, large and small, and this week was a pretty big one for us. Yesterday was our third birthday. As you might expect, it means we have to finally get serious about potty training, rein in some of our temper tantrums, and not get up for a glass of water after Chris reads us a story and puts us to bed at night.

For us, 2019 will be a big year. Whether you have been here from the beginning, or whether this is your first time here, thanks. We really appreciate it, and we look forward to providing the best content on the internet that doesn’t include nudity. At least not as far as you can see.

Here is what we are doing this weekend. Be sure to drop your plans in the comments. If you have recently had a milestone or have one coming up, feel free to share that too.

Max Taylor

While the burden of being privileged enough to be employed will occupy my precious weekend, I will be playing Resident Evil 2 for review. I’m looking forward to staying up until the earlier hours with my girlfriend as we scream and shudder in unison at the grotesque beauty of Raccoon City.

Hannah Ellis

All this talk of Farming eSports has given me a kick up the telehandler to get back to my own digital farmstead. I’d like to say that all the hard work is paying off, but my growing collection of display-only tractors would beg to differ. All together now -I’ve got (another) brand new combine harvester…

Stuart Mclean

The weekend before payday and the calm before the storm that is Kingdom Hearts releases means I’ll be trying to clear up as much space on my hard drive by finishing off some of my backlog. As well as that, I’ll be continuing my VR experiment in preparation for an upcoming feature, all going to plan!

Kyle Durant

I will be in a fetal position, slowly rocking back and forth, with my thumb in my mouth thinking about the horror that befalls me. Having to wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 in four days as I take in the rusty, wooden floorboards and a hint of dust from an apt owner not cleaning their place anymore.

Jason Frye

This weekend, I’m tempted to drag the PS4 into my office of solitude and nail the door shut from the inside to get work done. After that, I will pull something from the towering backlog, so I don’t feel guilty buying something new in the future. Spider-Man is a likely candidate, but I keep getting sidetracked with every little icon on the map and just zooming around and stopping crime. It further reinforces the notion that I would be a far more efficient villain than a hero. Time to polish up the resume.

Jeremy and Chris weren’t able to drop an update tonight. They are probably headed to a private bunker to play Firewall Zero Hour until they pass out from exhaustion. Rinse and repeat for a great weekend. 

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