Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 143

After many years of waiting, Kingdom Hearts III came out this week. You might’ve heard of it. We last saw Kyle dragging a TV and PS4 into a bank vault and closing the door behind him to minimize any distractions. He will only resurface after completing the game and writing his review, so keep an eye out for that.

The release of such an anticipated game got me thinking. When was the last time a game took over your life? When did it’s world, characters, or mechanics envelop you to the point where you might not have been eating or sleeping? Have you ever gone to sleep with the controller in your hand only to wake up and play some more?

Hopefully, the games we play every weekend will be one of those games, but, just like being able to sleep in on your day off, it’s rare. Here is what we are doing this weekend. Be sure to drop your plans in the comments, and let us know the last time a game made you forget about needing to eat and sleep.

Kyle Durant

Whomever doesn’t actually know what I’ll be playing this weekend needs to be hit in the face with Chris Harding’s shoes.

Max Taylor

Besides seeing my parents and working I’ll be playing the other paths in Resident Evil 2 and generally milking that game for all its got. Exciting!

Jason Frye

I have some things to finish, but I will probably try to get some time with the Anthem demo, beta, or whatever it is. I’ll be happy if it’s great, but I have been hurt too many times to lower my skeptic shields.

Jeremy Peterson

I’ll probably take advantage of the current sale and spend some money on a couple new games. It’s a long weekend for me, so I’ll probably lose a couple hours into Firewall Zero Hour as well.

The rest of the team couldn’t comment, because they are putting the final touches on some Kingdom Hearts III cosplay. At least, I think that’s why they’re dressing like that. If not, I want to go to that party.

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