Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 144

With enough time, I’ve been told that monkeys on typewriters would eventually write Shakespeare or at least vampire fan fiction. It’s possible, but we might be waiting for millions of years. It can sometimes feel like this for games, but 2019 may be very different.

In less than two months, we already have a solid and growing number of good games without any real waiting. January was decent, and February is bursting at the seams. It’s hard to keep up, but we have a whole weekend ahead of us to try. Scroll down, and you can see what we’ll be playing, doing, or dreading this weekend.

With that in mind, what game are you looking forward to most this month? It seems like there is something for everyone. Please drop your most anticipated game of the month in the comments, and check out the other suggestions as well.

Kyle Durant

As I deal with continued sickness, I will be continuing the 100%ing of Kingdom Hearts 3. Although I’m annoyed that there’s a secret, post game boss battle in the Gummi ship. Like why?!

Max Taylor

I will be playing a game for review. That is all.

Chris Harding

This weekend I’ll be selling cheap shoes to ungrateful Germans. But once I get back to the safe confine of my house I’ll be free to play whatever takes my fancy. Kind of. I’ve got a couple of reviews for you lovely folks to read, but I fully intend on getting to grips with my recent purchase of Beat Saber. I’ll also be getting my money’s worth out of Crisis VRigade. Despite me giving it a hard time in my recent review, I’m still finding some joy in the game. Well, more like my lady is; she finds it hilarious when I’m on my hands and knees, shooting around the side of not-real sofas, desks, and what not. When I’m not sweating my weight off inside the PSVR headset I’ll be giving Shadow of the Tomb Raider a go thanks Game Pass.

Hannah Ellis

After spending way too long messing around with car setups, I’ll be diving into Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2 this weekend to give them a go round the track. That is, after all, the only true way of seeing if they’re any good. I haven’t got a bad record, though a controller isn’t the best “wheel” a girl can have.

Jason Frye

I have some reviews to complete, but I would like to give the Tetris Effect demo a try this weekend. I have been neglecting my PSVR, and who doesn’t want to compulsively stack blocks that only disappear, forcing you to continue stacking blocks in a never-ending loop?

Jeremy Peterson

I only have one day off this weekend, but I’m going to find some time to play something. I’ve been playing The Mage’s Tale and I will probably continue on with that. Or…maybe I’ll resume the chase for Creed: Rise to Glory’s platinum? Or maybe I’ll drop everything the moment I get an invite to play Firewall Zero Hour?

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