Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 146

Plans, they’re great. In theory. But their reality doesn’t always live up to our expectations. You see, from Monday through to Friday, we spend countless minutes planning our two days of freedom – saying we’ll do this or finish that. But come kicking out time on weekend-eve, we’re all pretty much left like our feline friend above – struggling to contain our excitement overawed by the freedom to the point of unproductivity.

We’re not completely useless, mind you, so every now and then we find enough motivation to flick a switch, press a button and insert a disc. And if we manage to do just that over the next couple of days, this is what we’ll be staring at.

Jeremy Peterson

I’ll be testing out some Dick Wilde 2 VR multiplayer this weekend as well as cleaning up the very last trophy in Creed: Rise to Glory. All I need is to finish a PVP fight, so I’ll be looking for a stranger who wants to punch me in the face. And they’ve never been hard to find before, so that should go well. If any of you sexy PlayStation gamers want to fight me, hit me up @ HarryStamper49. We can stand sweaty and grunting in our living rooms as we rain down virtual violence on each other. Should be…interesting.

Kyle Durant

After finally getting my Kingdom Hearts 3 review out after much sickness, I’m going to spend this weekend playing an assorted group of multiplayer games with friends. Haven’t played as much as I would have liked lately and with Far Cry New Dawn and Anthem releasing to not very good reviews, it’s time to just relax and unwind with old favorites.

Chris Harding

I’m going to be wearing my PSVR headset for as long as possible this weekend. I’ve got games to review, damnit! Also, Dick Wilde 2 is pretty damn cool from the short session I’ve played so far, so expect to find me blasting critters in VR. When I’m not sweating up my expensive headgear you’ll find me letting Charlie win at “mayayo cars” and playing Far Cry New Dawn. Ubisoft seem to have misplaced our review code, so I’ve gone and put the money down myself. No regrets so far, but we shall see…

Jason Frye

When I am not catching up on some work this weekend, I will be trying to play a little more Far Cry 5. It’s a combination of Rook the celebrated hero and Rook the errand boy, but at least I found Sheriff Buford T. Justice in the game.

Hannah Ellis

I will be diving head first into the backlog this weekend as I further my adventure into Borderlands 2. I should probably wait for the rumoured Borderlands 1 re-release on PS4 and do them in order, but then again, I’ve never been one for convention.

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