Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 147

Time is a funny thing. When you’re waiting for something, it crawls, but, when you dread something, it can make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. With the fast pace of games and life in general, it just as easily slips away from you.

You might be surprised to know that yesterday was the two year anniversary of PlayStation darling, Horizon Zero Dawn, a game that seems to crop up in our site discussions at least once every few months, from both haters and admirers. You can check out some fun facts about the game on the PlayStation Blog, such as how they researched 750 bird sounds, but only kept 30 for the game. I can only wonder how long that took.

Here is how we will be spending our time this weekend, and let’s all hope it’s as long as possible.

Stuart Mclean

A quiet one on the PS4 front from me this weekend, although me and a few friends are having a road trip to Europe’s largest freeplay arcade tomorrow, so hopefully a bit of retro gaming and drinking is on the cards – happy days!

Hannah Ellis

There won’t be much free time this weekend, with plenty of dreaded work to be getting on with. However, FIFA 19 and TrackMania Turbo are sure to get a few minutes of my attention.

Max Taylor

I’ll be wrapping up Ni No Kuni 2’S story and going for the platinum. Hope, my girlfriend, has been playing loads of Apex so I’m going to give that a proper go too this weekend and see if I can get as into it as her.

Jason Frye

After having a trip canceled, I will unexpectedly be at home. I would like to give the The Division 2 beta a try. When I’m not happy in a destroyed city under seige, I will take a vacation into the besieged rural countryside of Far Cry 5.

Kyle Durant

Short of suddenly getting the motivation to work on my backlog, Rocket League and Realm Royale will be the name of the game. Just with more insults and yelling between friends.

Chris Harding

I’ll be firmly locked to my desk this weekend but my trusty Vita and Switch are always within reach. When I’m not bashing my keyboard with my manly fingers, I’ll be sifting through the riff-raff in Papers, Please and taking on the world in Tetris 99.

Jeremy Peterson

It’s my birthday, so I’ll be playing all of the games! I just bought Hollow Knight on the sale, so I’ll probably slash my way through that little gem this weekend. But my priority is The Wizards, an upcoming PSVR title being released in a couple of weeks. I’ll need to play through that, so I can give ya’ll the straight dope.

Speaking of PSVR, after collecting the platinum in Creed: Rise to Glory last weekend, I’ve jumped back in the other VR boxing title Knockout League. The platinum trophy for this one will probably always be out of my reach, but it’s a fun game and a hell of a workout. But it’s a good thing my Aim controller is fully charged, because the cult of Firewall Zero Hour is no joke, and I can hear it’s siren call even now.


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