Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 149

They say that heroes don’t always wear capes, and The Incredibles showed us why that might be a problem. (I would still wear a cape.) Chances are, your costume is chosen for you during the week, based on where you work, but the weekend let’s you be a hero in your favorite t-shirt, shorts, and the comfy house shoes of your choice.

You are probably a superhero to someone just by getting up everyday and going into that job, school, or not punching that annoying person at either or both places. (Our bar for heroism may be a little low, but it’s ours.) It’s not always stopping General Zod and saving the Earth. Sometimes, you’re a hero for not giving up, and those heroes come in all kinds of forms.

Here are the heroic things we’ll be doing this weekend. Be sure to put your equally heroic plans in the comments.

Kyle Durant

Besides the usual suspects of Rocket League, Realm Royale, and now Modern Warfare Remastered, I’ll be exploring Fallout 76’s new update/DLC. I’m not expecting much, but new quests and exploration opportunities are too enticing to pass up.

Max Taylor

Having finished some review games and with a bunch of essays due in the coming months, I felt now was the time to start Dark Souls 2, my first Souls game apart from Bloodborne. I’m currently up to Sinner’s Rise and loving it even more than I thought I would. I’m also better at the game than I expected, so I’ll definitely be tackling 1, 3 and Sekiro later this year.

Stuart Mclean

I’ve hit a bit of a wall with my gaming recently and felt it needed jazzing up with something fresh, so I have just bought Far Cry New Dawn to try and coax me out of my gaming lull. Meanwhile Kingdom Hearts 3 and Assassins Creed Odyssey sit mocking, relegated to my pile of shame (for the time being, or maybe until Sunday).

Jason Frye

I have some things to write up over the weekend, but I will probably still find myself in Far Cry 5 at some point getting forcibly high with Faith. I will also be resisting the urge to buy Beat Saber (review). My coordination and rhythm is terrible, but it looks awesome.

The rest of the team couldn’t give a response, because they passed out in a drinking contest to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Their livers are the real heroes today, but they couldn’t overcome the overwhelming power of the four villains on this page. Better luck next year. 

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