Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 15

‘Tis the weekend once again, and that means, naturally, that we’ll be hunkering down to play through some of the finest games in our vast collection. There will be blood. There will be tears. There will be laughter. By that we mean Pure PlayStation‘s Jake will be ripping this author’s head off if he bangs on about having No Man’s Sky a week early. As a matter of fact, so will Kyle. Actually, most of the Earth’s population…

As always, we’ll post what we’re going to be playing this weekend and we want you to get involved and let us know what you’re playing, too. Just head down to the comments section and tell us what’s going to be eating up the hours over your weekend.

Chris Harding

My weekend is going to be full of No Man’s Sky. I’ll be exploring planets, mining stuff, flying a spaceship, naming every planet I visit after Pure PlayStation, and so on. I reckon there are worse ways to spend a weekend…

Jason Frye

I will be diving back into Abzu for another play through before the review. There are not many space sims on consoles, so I also look forward to trying out Rebel Galaxy this weekend. It looks like a lot of fun, and someone compared it to a modern Freelancer. I hear some other huge space game is launching next week, and I will be reading our review once it has been posted.

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Kyle Durant

The very last weekend until No Man’s Sky. I don’t think it matters what I play whether Overwatch, Neverwinter, Rocket League, or Ninja Pizza Girl. At this point in time I’m just imagining how long I’m going to stay up when Hello Games’ darling releases on the store at midnight.

Jake Ellis

This weekend I will be grinding out some Overwatch in the name of the summer games loot crates. There are some awesome new Olympic-themed skins, poses and what not. Also I’m only a day of grinding away from hitting prestige – exciting stuff. As well as this, I won’t be able to resist a bit of Tricky Towers with my family. It’s free this month with PlayStation Plus, and if you have someone to play it with, do not overlook it. Makes for a good laugh or two.

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