Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 150 – The Final EU One?

Pardon my friends-inspired title, but in a week’s time the UK may be half-footing it out of the European Union with nothing but the humble brussel sprout to remember our former relationship with. A dubious vegetable, nonetheless, but one which may be vacant from many Christmas dinners this year – either through ill feeling, logistical supply problems or just good taste.

Now, in a time of such uncertainty, you’d be forgiven for penning love ballads to the green leaf-ball. Starting a petition. Even bargaining with scones and cucumber sandwiches. But the damage is already done. All you can do is distract yourself from the chaos with non-politicised entertainment, just as we’re planning to. Prime Minister Simulator, anyone?

*Technically there’s an extension until April 12th, but this is Brexit we’re talking about. There are 350 million reasons why we can’t believe a technicality.

Max Taylor

I’ll he continuing my playthrough of Dark Souls 2. Been busy the past few days so haven’t given it any attention but I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s my Bloodborne obsession all over again.

Stuart McLean

My weekend is mostly made up of the apocalyptic wonders of Far Cry New Dawn, having used Modern Warfare as my gateway drug back into good ol’ shooters. While I spend my weekend bouncing between those two and counting down the days until payday so I can give Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice a bash.

Kyle Durant

Through certainly not legal means, I’m a straight thug, I attained The Division 2 for free. So that’s going the normal lineup of Rocket League, Realm Royale, and making fun of Chris behind his back.

Jason Frye

I hope to try the “Lite” (read: demo) version of Dragonball Xenoverse 2. Lego Batman 3 is tempting me with it’s $6 price and kid friendly gaming, and I continue to resist the electronic siren song of Beat Saber. Non-gaming work could ruin that almost carefully laid plan, so I look forward to seeing how it actually works out.

Hannah Ellis

I’m resisting the urge to stock up on necessities – haribos and allioli – and will instead spend the weekend driving around the Nurburgring in Project Cars 2. A no deal may take my freedom, but it can’t take my racetracks!

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