Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 152

It honestly feels like it wasn’t that long ago that I was sat here penning another edition of Pure PlayStation Plays. Maybe it’s because I’ve not actually done a great deal of writing since the last one? Possibly. I’ve had the house to myself since last Saturday so I’ve spent my time wisely: Drinking whiskey naked and playing PSVR. Last weekend has managed to roll into this one – I only hope you’re all having as much fun as me!

Fortunately, the rest of the Pure PlayStation team has remained mostly sober, and so the ship has been sailing nicely. But it’s a new weekend, so who knows what could happen. See what us mad bastards are up to down below.

Chris Harding

It’s my last weekend of freedom before the house is full again, so I’ll make the most of it by being as manly as I can. This means I’ll be wearing very little, drinking and eating plenty, and gaming some. When I’m not passed out in a pile of my own piss and puke, I’ll try to get a few rounds in with Firewall Zero Hour on PSVR, as well as Assassin’s Creed III Remastered. I think I’ve probably got some review games to cover, too, but that’s work and Monday is for working. Tuesday through to Thursday is for thinking about Friday. Friday is about getting silly and planning for Saturday’s antics, while Sunday is spent moping about the missed opportunities of the Saturday. You’re welcome for the lesson.

Stuart McLean

Assassins Creed Odyssey is like the turd that will not flush but after having battled through a few missions I think I’m on my way to having it nailed this weekend. Besides that, I have Outward on going (stay tuned for the review) and have just purchased Ace Combat 7 which may or may not fit in to my weekend playing schedule. One thing I can safely say it will not be being attempted in VR unless them little sick bags are hidden under my seat like on a proper plane.

Max Taylor

I’ve hit something of a wall in Dark Souls 2 with Shrine of Amana so I’ll be welded in to my new PSVR for some soothing escapism. I’m currently really enjoying Déraciné and I just downloaded A Fisherman’s Tale so I’ll be giving that a go over the weekend too!

Kyle Durant

With Earth Defense Force Iron Rain review almost completed, this weekend will mostly focus on giving The Surge a try and probably quitting immediately after and more Division 2 action.

Jason, Hannah, and Jeremy are all missing this weekend. Make of that what you will…

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