Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 153

You know the drill. It’s the weekend, we’re playing games. Hopefully you’ll be playing some top games, too. That homework you’ve been set for the weekend? That can easily be done on the bus ride into school on Monday morning. That assignment your boss wants done by Monday? Monday runs until 23:59 PM, so take your time and make it your Monday task. Or just don’t do it at all. There are worlds that need to be saved and princesses that need to be rescued, damn it!

Here’s what the Pure PlayStation team is up to on this chilly weekend.

Chris Harding

It’s snowing! And it’s Charlies birthday weekend! Which means I’ll be eating lots of junk food, playing with lots of toys, and cleaning up lots of Play-Doh… But when Charlie finally rests his sleepy head after a day of running me and his mother wild, I’ll be flinging some little birds at pig-built structures in Angry Birds VR for PSVR. I’ve had a quick go already and it’s really cool, but this weekend I will be finishing it off and writing my review. When I’m not murdering those poor piggies, I’ll be murdering everyone else in Assassin’s Creed III Remastered and Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation HD.

Max Taylor

I’m still loving VR so having just finished Falcon Age (review coming soon) I’ll be playing Ghost Giant (also for review).

Stuart McLean

My week so far has been spent between mopping up the many quest lines of Assassins Creed: Odyssey and Outward for review, and this weekend looks to be taken up with My Time at Portia (review coming soon) and Ace Combat 7, which has so far set largely untouched on my shelf.

Kyle Durant

This weekend will be filled with copious amounts of alcohol, but there will be an effort to finally reach The Division 2’s endgame and play the usual party games. Plus, we’re sneaking up in the countdown to Days Gone releasing!

Jason Frye

I’ll be working on reviews, and I hope to share my thoughts on one of them with you next week. If I need a gaming palate cleanser, I will hop into Path of Exile for a bit. It’s truly free to play and really good.

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