Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 155

Everyone knows that exclusive games are one of the biggest and best reasons to own a PS4. Days Gone (review) is officially on it’s bike and headed into your life with an army of freakers in tow. With a weekend as open as the road that carries Deacon St. John (still sounds like a 70s pornstar name to me), the time is limited, but the possibilities are endless.

Regardless of whether we fight through an army of the undead or just fight to keep from falling asleep on the couch, here is how we will be spending that magical time. Be sure to put your own plans in the comments, so we can copy what cool people do.

Max Taylor

I just finished Wolfenstein 2 which was a tonne of fun. Having finally surpassed Shrine of Amana I’ll be continuing Dark Souls 2 as well as giving VR game Apex Construct a go to break up the stress!

Kyle Durant

This weekend is going to feature some cleanup efforts in Days Gone to get my 59th platinum trophy. Plus, work on that Rocket League and Realm Royale pass.

Jeremy Peterson

Besides constantly refreshing my Twitter feed to follow the NFL draft like the degenerate that I am, I’ll be donning my trusty PSVR headset to play some Box VR. When I can no longer lift my arms, I’ll probably switch to some Skyworld. Both of them are more fun than I figured they would be.

Jason Frye

Since this weekend will optimistically be dedicated to finishing a review (in the video editor now) and learning new skills (for work, not magic or ninja skills unfortunately), I’ll probably surprise myself by pulling something out of the backlog.

Chris Harding (Late Addition)

I’ve been busy… planning my E3 2019 trip! And that’s basically all I will be doing this weekend. Well, that’s a lie – I’ll play some games and write some reviews, but I’ll always have E3 2019 on my mind. I’ll probably jump in to Firewall Zero Hour just to let everyone know I’ll be going to E3 2019. I’m going to E3 2019, did I mention that already?

Everyone else has been sent to their rooms for bad behavior. We are hoping they think long and hard about what they’ve done, so they can come back next week. We’re stern but fair.

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