Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 156 – Three Years of Sharing

Week 156 marks our third anniversary of sharing our weekend plans with you. As we reach that accomplishment, we want to say thanks for hanging out and in (and any other direction you like) with us. We couldn’t have made it to this finish line without you.

From games to events, here is how we will be resting or roasting (depending on your weather or meals) this weekend. Check out what we’ll be playing, and be sure to share your own games in the comments. We look forward to going around the stretch turn with you many times in the future, so we look forward to hearing what you like too.

Max Taylor

Despite having a busy weekend of work I’m sure I’ll find time to continue my Dark Souls 2 playthrough and hopefully get started with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Hope and I have blazed our way through Overcooked 2 this past week and its become a bit of an addiction. We just picked up the DLC so I’m sure we’ll set aside a night for frantically making s’mores and smoothies!

Kyle Durant

Now that Days Gone has been platinumed it’s back to the party of Rocket League and Realm Royale. Maybe get back into The Division 2 or Modern Warfare Remastered.

Hannah Ellis

I think I’ll end up binging FIFA 19 as I try to get Coventry City that coveted Premier League trophy. The repetitive ‘game after game’ nature of the challenge is quite calming, just like racing around a track.

Stuart Mclean

Days Gone is taking up my time at the minute, having dipped in and out all week I’m hoping the long weekend will give me plenty of time to get into it properly, with maybe a bbq thrown in for good measure if the weather improves!

Jason Frye

From the comfort of my couch, I will be watching some of the world’s best horses run in the Kentucky Derby and enjoying my first grilling of the season this weekend. The kiddos and I will play some of the LEGO games I bought during the current sale, so finding out whether they are any good is the only gambling I will be doing.

Jeremy Peterson

I only have one day off this week, but I’ve been finding time for at least a half hour session of BOXVR a day and I plan to keep that rolling this weekend. I’m also playing through Table of Tales, but I really want to find a good flat game to waste some hours in. I’m open to suggestions. And as I say every weekend, I hope to get some Firewall Zero Hour in as well.

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