Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 157

Two football teams have finally emulated what I do on FIFA – winning as the underdog. Only kidding, I’m the Ajax and Barcelona in this scenario – losing as the favourite. But let’s not delve too far into my gaming inadequacies; I’m hoping to keep this gig. So in a move of complete distraction, I ask you, what are you playing this weekend?

Just so this isn’t a one way conversation, here are our plans. And they are definitely going to happen. Hopefully.

Stuart McLean

A very dull and sad weekend of non-gaming related activities ahead for me – sometimes real life gets in the way!

Kyle Durant

Well not to kiss and tell, but I was able to get ahold of Rage 2 and plan on playing that through sustained by a Red Bull IV drip.

Jason Frye

With family in town, this weekend will mostly be spent celebrating the mothers in my life. Gaming will be limited, but I’m sure there will be some LEGO Jurassic World and maybe Subnautica. After nine patches (it says version 1.09 anyway), it should be the underwater exploration experience I was hoping to have at launch.

Max Taylor

I’ll be writing up a review and continuing my playthrough of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I’m now free of uni work so time to catch up with some games!

Chris Harding

I’ve got work on Saturday and then a team party at the pub after, so Sunday will be spent on the sofa, wishing for the pain to end. If I can stomach it, I’ll get on the PSVR and finally give BoxVR a spin, but I’ll most likely be resigned to the sofa with my laptop…

Hannah Ellis

I will be catching up on some much needed work that has been sidelined this week. But I’m still enjoying My Time at Portia, which is a generous Stardew Valley type game, so I’ll probably plod on with that. As you do.

Meanwhile, Jeremy is probably serving peeled grapes to Chris; perks of the job, eh?

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