Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 158

Can you feel it? It’s coming in the air tonight, apparently. *Cue sick drum solo*

Yes, it’s the weekend and once again you’re back here reading another edition of Pure PlayStation Plays. Why? Because you’re our biggest fans, duh, and you want to know what we’re doing this weekend. No worries – we won’t disappoint.

As usual, myself and the rest of the team have bandied together our weekend plans for your reading pleasure. If you feel compelled to share your weekend gaming plans with us, you can do so at the bottom of this article. Go on, sharing is caring after all.

Chris Harding

I’m still spending my free time researching Los Angeles and Las Vegas for E3 2019. Los Angeles for the gaming, Las Vegas for the gambling. And the rest of it… If I can pull myself away from my research this weekend, I’m going to finally try our BoxVR in an attempt to fight the flab. I’ve been saying this for almost a month, but this time I promise I’ll do it. Honestly. If I need inspiration, I’ll reach for Jeremy’s positive BoxVR review.

If I don’t manage to get a sweat on in BoxVR, I’ll definitely bring a case of the giggles to the premier PSVR shooter Firewall Zero Hour. I’ve also got some site work to be doing, both at the desk and on the couch, so be on the lookout for some fresh reviews in the coming days.

Kyle Durant

Now that I have some time for personal gaming, I plan on playing the usual Rocket League and Realm Royale, but the Red Dead Redemption 2 online update added poker. So I plan on getting screwed over again like last night. Where the river magically gave a guy a flush over my three of a kind and cleaned me out.

Hannah Ellis

I will be swapping Red Dead Redemption 2 for a taste of Days Gone. Hopefully, I take to this better than The Last of Us; must be the only person in the world to grow tired of that game.

Stuart McLean

The love it or hate it title that is Days Gone is currently taking up space in my disk tray and it hasn’t piqued my interest the way I hoped it would, so should I feel adventurous I might stick my noggin back in the PSVR and give Ace Combat 7 a whirl – I’m a glutton for punishment clearly.

Jason Frye

Most of the weekend will be devoted to working and dodging strep throat, but I hope to play more Lego Jurassic World. After returning to Spider-Man recently, I may be a weekend swinger too.

Jeremy Peterson

Despite the frustrating save data corruption issue that’s been killing my BOXVR progression, it’s still fun enough to get a good half hour workout in every day. My flat gaming adventures this weekend will consist of American Fugitive for review and continuing my play through of Dragon Quest 11 as ordered by my son.

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