Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 159

We’ve slogged through the week, dragging our arses behind us, but now that the weekend is here we’re suddenly full of energy. Weird how that happens, isn’t it? The miracles of weekends, I suppose.

This weekend is sure to be full of frolics and fun for all, and we’re no different. The Pure PlayStation team has some pretty sweet gaming plans for the next couple of days, so read on and then share yours down in the comments section below.

Chris Harding

I’ve finally gotten out of my rut and I can now be bothered to play the PSVR. Hooray! I’ll be giving the new Firewall Zero Hour: Operation Nightfall update a go to see what all the fuss is about. I’m sure that’ll be just fun.

When I’m not shooting strangers in the face – or sitting in an empty lobby – I’ll be burning the fat with BoxVR – a boxing fitness game for the PSVR. I’ve had a quick go today and it left me soaked. By next weekend I’ll be thin and sexy! If only I could keep away from the kebabs…

Max Taylor

I’ll be finishing a review and cleaning up Days Gone to get the platinum! After that, who knows… perhaps I’ll go for a frolic or join the circus!

Hannah Ellis

For the first Friday in a long time, I’m finishing dinner and getting straight on to the console. Mostly as a way of avoiding the repetitive news of a certain resignation, but partly for fun. I will be trying to finish Day’s Gone so I can swap it for Assassin’s Creed 3, but will probably get distracted by Borderlands 2.

Jason Frye

With plenty of grilled food to look forward to this weekend, my games are repeated from the prior week. (Predictably boring is the new sexy.) I’ll be playing LEGO Jurassic World with the kids (buying cheap is the right choice on this one) and maybe some more Spider-Man for me.

Stuart McLean

Days Gone needs to do just that and get gone from my pile of games to play – just when I feel I am starting to appreciate it I am sent half way across the map on another mission to stalk some scientist and I am immediately bored again. Hopefully when that’s out the way I can look to my games pile or some of the other games that are lingering unfinished in my pile of shame (here’s looking at you Kingdom Hearts 3…)

Kyle Durant

If Dauntless ever loads finally I can see what that’s about, but Rocket League and Realm Royale will most likely take up some time this weekend. Hell, maybe even Uno again. Mainly, though, I’ll be working on the site’s Warhammer: Choasbane review. Here’s hoping it’s as good as Diablo and Shadows Awakening.

Jeremy Peterson

I have so many games on the go right now I have no idea what I’ll be playing this weekend. Everybody’s Golf VR has been a lot of fun (review incoming), so I’ll make time for a few holes or rounds or whatever they’re called. BoxVR is still occupying my time, and I have a few missions to complete on American Fugitive. Plus I’m always down to Firewall no matter how frustrating getting into a match with friends can be.

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