Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 16

Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 16

First off, welcome to Dom, our latest addition to the Pure PlayStation team, who will of course be joining us for Pure PlayStation Plays every Friday. Which leads us onto our next point; apologies to anyone who regularly reads our PP Plays feature as you may have noticed we missed one out last week. It appeared to have gotten lost in the mix and forgotten about, but, rest assured we’ll be keeping these coming out every Friday without any more gaps. Excuses aside, let’s get down to the gaming antics we have planned for the weekend. As always, you can head down to the comments afterwards and let us know what you’re going to be playing this weekend.

Jake Ellis

This weekend I will inevitably be having a bash at the Titanfall 2 Tech Test, (that’s going to be a recurring theme this weekend) although I never got around to playing the first Titanfall I’m very much interested in checking out the 2nd. On top of this I’m heading back into the Northern Kingdoms to try and finally make some more progress on the Witcher 3… at this rate my future children are going to have to¬†finish it for me.

Jason Frye

We are starting to move into the busy fall season with a deluge of AAA titles on the horizon. It is like going up the first hill of a giant rollercoaster, and we are almost ready to take that first stomach twisting plunge. It is a great time of year.
This weekend, I am hoping to get some quality time with a cybernetically enhanced gentleman for a review. If that does not happen, I will be trying out the Titanfall 2 Tech Demo and keep going deeper into the mysteries of Soma.

Kyle Durant

I’m returning to my kingdom of first person shooters with the Titanfall 2 Tech Test. I expect to make a lot of people salty and not get half-brained apes as teammates like I do when I solo Overwatch. There will be a few rounds of INVERSUS thrown in there too. That is if I can find a match that people don’t immediately quit out of after losing one game.

Dom O’Leary

My single player catalogue has been a bit bare recently. So I’m glad of the recent upturn in PSN’s free-to-play offerings. I’m hoping to get some serious time in with the Titanfall 2 tech test, but in the times when technical issues inevitably prevent this, I’ll either be blasting (read:getting blasted by) mechs in Hawken or defending the realm of Neverwinter. Oh… and I still have ‘that’ bonus boss to beat in Furi…

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