Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 160

Maybe the biggest indicator about whether a game is great is not it’s score, but in how it gets people to talk about it. This week, the PSVR loving Pure PlayStation communication lines have been stuffed with non-stop Blood & Truth (review coming soon). Community enthusiasm is a wonderful way to learn about new games that might be missed while we’re busy spinning guns around our fingers during shootouts. Life sure is busy.

From those bullet-filled shootouts to hanging out and shooting the breeze, here is what we are doing this weekend. Spoiler alert: Blood & Truth. Be sure to put your own plans or gaming gems you discovered by talking to friends in the comments.

Max Taylor

Much like everyone else with a VR headset at PP, I’ve been playing Blood and Truth, which has been one of my most enjoyable VR experiences. This weekend I’ll be cleaning up trophies to get the platinum whilst making time to enjoy real reality at Bristol Tattoo Convention.

Kyle Durant

Now that there’s an actual online community to Warhammer: Chaosbane, I plan on making my character stronger and better. Take on some harder difficulties and acquire the more elusive trophies. Even help out some beginners while I’m at it because I’m nothing if not altruistic. Some Rocket League and maybe Realm Royale will also get some love.

Jeremy Peterson

Despite coming down with the sickness and working Saturday, I’ll be gleefully replaying Blood and Truth, if only to master my mid air reloads and dual gun twirling while terminating bad guys. I’m also playing the co-op action game A Way Out with an old friend.

Stuart Mclean

I’m a bit late to the party but I’m hoping to try and dip in and out of Blood and Truth this weekend, in when I want some of the VR action, out when I feel my stomach start to turn. Besides that and real life commitments I’m not sure what else I’ll manage to get playing this weekend.

Hannah Ellis

It looks as though it’s going to be another vet-filled weekend so that’s the console made redundant again. Couple that with an entry for a Dr Who short story competition to finish, and it’s almost certain that there’ll be little digital detox going on. See you on the other side…

Chris Harding

I’ve finished Blood and Truth and I’m ready to do it all again. I can’t remember the last time I played a game and then instantly wanted to play it again. That’s how damn good it is. Swollen face and bloody mouth be damned! The dentist may have taken my teeth, but they’ll never take my gaming spirit! When I’m not shooting London folk in the face and flipping them the bird, I’ll be sat at my desk playing catch up. Oh, and sorting out E3 stuff. So. Many. Appointments.

Jason Frye

Gaming time will be slotted in like Tetris blocks around some family stuff and getting some very important, but not gaming, work done. Since Spider-Man is a much bigger game than I thought, I will continue to carve away at that in little blocks of time. The siren song of Path of Exile keeps calling to me, so I may jump back into that too.

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