Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 161 – The Pre-E3 Edition

E3 2019 is almost here! This is actually the last weekend before the festivities begin on June 11th through to June 13th. It’s going to be a crazy week full of announcements, reveals, and maybe even some disappointment.

For most of us here at Pure PlayStation it’ll mean staying up late to watch the numerous press conferences, unpacking press releases every five minutes, and generally a lot of hard work. Before that begins though, we’re all taking the weekend to get some gaming done.

Without any further waffling from me, here’s what we’re up to on this glorious weekend.

Chris Harding

E3! E3! E3! Vegas! Vegas! Vegas! Yes, it’s clear to say that I am quite excited for this year’s E3, mainly because I’ll actually be there in person this time around. And yes, I’ll be heading to the desert once the Los Angeles Convention Center has kicked all the gamers out. Double excited.

This weekend, then, will see my getting my shit together. I’ve got a diary to update with numerous meetings. I’ve got flights to catch from terminals unknown. I’ve got a bag that needs to be packed again after I decided to empty it in the middle of the night. I’ve not got much time for video games this weekend. That said, I’ll make some time to blast away some fools in Blood and Truth. I’ll also be giving DayZ a bit more time before writing my review. It’s not looking good though…

Kyle Durant

With yet another newfound hatred towards Rocket League, time to catch up on my backlog. Kona, What Remains of Edith Finch, Hitman, and more will be the target of weekend Kyle.

Max Taylor

While I ready my mind and body for E3 and anticipate some of June’s releases I’ll be dipping into a selection of games from my backlog. Superhot VR, Thomas Was Alone, Little Nightmares, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Dark Souls 2 all demand attention so I’ll do my best to give them equal attention over the coming week betwixt late, sweaty nights spent watching press conferences.

Jason Frye

I will be grabbing some games from the sale this weekend as I play bargain hunter, maybe the greatest game of all time. I have promised the kids more LEGO Jurassic Park, and I may give Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel some time in between looking for new E3 announcements. If these are being dumped now, what are the big surprises?

Stuart McLean

A week late to the party but I’ll be jumping in to some Blood & Truth which currently fills the action hero void in my life. When I’m not thinking I’m the next James Bond I’ll be venturing to the moons of Pandora in some Borderlands: The Pre Sequel co-op action. Clearly I like action but then who doesn’t?

Jeremy Peterson

Despite the Pure PlayStation office debate pitting platinum trophy hunting versus hunting for a “fully realized social life”, I’m only a couple of trophies short of the Blood and Truth platinum…so I’ll probably focus on that. But only because it’s still fun. Besides that, who knows, my backlog has reached biblical proportions.

That’s our weekend sorted. Hannah is currently missing in action. Word has it that she was arrested for trying to steer her boathouse into the Houses of Parliament after drinking too much fizzy water. She’ll be back with us next week once she’s been bailed out.

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