Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 163

It’s officially the first day of summer, and today is the longest day of the year. Depending on where you are, you could have 15 hours and 1 minute of daylight today. This comes on the same day that we are farthest from sun. Science is neato!

I’m letting you know these fun facts in case you are also hunched over your office computer and stuffed into a cubicle that only receives the dull glow of fluorescents while you watch the clock and dream of starting your weekend.

Do those plans include playing in the sunshine or staying inside to catch up on some backlog games? Here’s what we’ll be up to. Be sure to drop your ways to catch or dodge the rays in the comments.

Max Taylor

Aside from being begrudgingly social by hosting a “house party” I’ll be playing Riverbond and another slightly less bright and cheerful game for review.

Stuart Mclean

I’ve been enjoying the delights of Borderlands The Pre-sequel this week with a friend, so my weekend will consist of more of the same. If I’m jumping in on some co-op action I’ll be wildly swinging my way through the Imagine Dragons DLC on Beat Sabre.

Chris Harding

I’m back in Germany and back in work. Boo! But I’m also dying a slow death thanks to some kind of flu, so I won’t be playing as much as I would like to. Instead I’ll sit myself in front of the desktop/laptop for as long as possible to get my E3 adventures written up.

Kyle Durant

This weekend will feature the Crash Team Racing remake since I caught up on my immediate backlog and finished the Rocket League challenges for the week. Beat Saber might get a touch here and there because I promised myself once I’m done with that then I can buy Blood and Truth.

Jason Frye

In addition to generally working, I will be working on a review of Mars Alive for the PSVR. If I get a little woozy from my time underneath the visor, I’ll pick up one of the many games I have in varying states of completition. I’ll get to them all…someday.

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