Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 164

Britain is enjoying a heatwave, though ‘enjoying’ is too strong a word and scientists have proven it isn’t a heatwave. Still, we’re struggling to find a good reason to keep our clothes on, and it’s due to get even hotter tomorrow. As a result, gaming is probably going to be used as an antidote to the stifling climate and insufferable garden shindigs the other half probably has planned. Because nothing says enjoying the sun more than cracking open an ice cold can in front of the telly.

Let’s just hope our consoles are up to it…

While we’ve got your attention – sweaty or otherwise – why not share your cool weekend plans with us in the comments box below?

Kyle Durant

As I’m making never before seen strides on my backlog, it’s Vampyr’s turn to get a play. It did go on sale recently for 17.99 and that’s good enough for me. I do imagine some party games with friends will get some love, but my backlog dedication is fierce right now.

Max Taylor

In an effort to shield my pale skin from the ravenous sun, I’ll also be tackling some of my backlog. I’ve got a couple of delightful indie games in Rime and Moss to play so those should tide me over. I also have Sairento VR to check out so I’ll dipping into that for some cyber-samurai action!

Chris Harding

I’ve got some reviews to get written up before this month creeps away from us and July smacks us in the face with more heat. I’ll be spending a lot of time at my desk, but once the sun has gone down and the cool evening breeze is flowing through the balcony door, I’ll brave the annoying PSVR sweats to play some Creed: Rise to Glory and Firewall Zero Hour. There’s a free weekend for the latter, so everyone should give it a go!

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Jeremy Peterson

It’s gonna be busy weekend at the Pure PlayStation Ranch Midwest Division, but I plan to make time to test out the Firewall Zero Hour fixes. It’s been way too long since I’ve killed and been killed in the hunt for those elusive laptops. I’m also in the middle of a game for review to play.

Jason Frye

I’ll be trying to get some more non-gaming work done to meet some upcoming deadlines and working my way back through Mars Alive for a review.

Stuart McLean

Between Blood and Truth and my latest foray into Kingdom Hearts 3, I’m also waist deep in a game to review that is a bit of a head scratcher to say the least. If time allows I might even jump in on this Firewall Zero Hour free weekend – Blood and Truth has me believing I can pop caps with the best of them, so maybe FZH can bring me back down to reality.

Hannah Ellis

We sound like a broken record this week, but I too am tackling my backlog. Two games have already had their cases shut for the last time, and I now move on to Metro Exodus. And if time allows, a little Surviving Mars.

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