Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 165

After some of us in the U.S. celebrated independence yesterday with fireworks and alcohol (always a good combination), we are back to a hot summer of gaming. Just like the temperatures, the amount of games released is only increasing. It’s a great problem to have, but it’s like trying to hold the end of the sparkler. If you try to keep up with everything, you’ll only wind up burned.

The weekend is our attempt to catch up, take a breath, or just keep our noses to the glowing red grindstone for new games. Here’s what we are doing this weekend. Be sure to put your own explosive plans in the comments.

Kyle Durant

Monster progress on my backlog continues as I’m wrapping up the final chapters of Injustice 2 and have Elex and Deadpool arriving early next week. I may even go out and snag a pre-owned title alongside some collectibles if I see something I like.

Chris Harding

I’ve got the weekend off for my birthday, and a brand new TV to play with! Expect to find me slouched in front of the telly all weekend. I’ve got a couple of games to play for review duties, but I’ve also got a couple of games that’ve been sitting on the shelf for a long, long time, such as Agents of Mayhem and Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Maybe I’ll start them, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll get distracted and start LEGO City Undercover instead. Who bloody knows with me.

Stuart Mclean

This weekend I’m home alone, so apart from the usual fending off wet bandits with some rather elaborate traps, staying up until stupid o’clock and eating nonsense, I will probably jump in on Detroit: Become Human or finish up on a game for review. I am also torn between coughing up the cash for Judgment, or holding off for Dragon Quest Builders 2 next week – decisions decisions! Might just be a big sensible grown up and buy both, that’s the only answer really isn’t it?

Max Taylor

I’ll be playing Sea of Solitude for review which I’ve been anticipating for sometime so hopefully it’s lovely and emotional and artsy as I hope. I’ll also likely be dipping back into Sairento VR (review coming tomorrow) to continue honing my cyber-ninja skills!

Hannah Ellis

I will be trying to tie up a few writing projects this weekend, so games will probably be on the back burner. Unless I can think of something to write – gaming related – which sounds good to me.

Jason Frye

I’ll be working and watching some Stranger Things. For games, we started LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so I’m hoping the game is better than the movie.

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