Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 168

Escapism. It’s one of the biggest reasons to play games. Whether you want to venture into an unknown galaxy, raise your sword against the forces of evil, score the winning goal in front of a crowd of thousands, or ride on robotic dinosaurs across a ruined Earth, games let you go there. It’s a great feeling.

Maybe, it’s because the world feels uncertain no matter where you are. Maybe, it’s because we have 4 trillion channels and nothing is on TV. Maybe, it’s just a great way to relax after a hard day. Maybe, it’s because you don’t want to think about that jerk Phil at the office whose unkempt beard is probably home to several kinds of vermin and cuts you off in the parking lot at least once a week even though he knows you have the right of way to turn.

What I’m trying to say is, we all need to get away sometimes, and games are great for that.

Here’s how we are escaping, relaxing, and not thinking about Phil this weekend. What are you up to?

Kyle Durant

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is absolutely huge and 30 hours in has only given me half of the in-game world to see. So that’s still the penultimate entry on my backlog list. Shadow Warrior 2 will have to wait it’s turn.

Max Taylor

I’ll try to make the most of my last fairly quiet weekend for awhile. Mark of the Ninja, Telefrag and Attack on Titan 2 will all get some attention plus I’ll inevitably pick up a few games in the Summer Sale (I have my eye on Banner Saga 1&2 so maybe I’ll complete the trilogy albeit in a disjointed manner).

Hannah Ellis

I will be making the most of having F1 2019 in my possession by completing my second season at the wheel. Max Verstappen hasn’t achieved the Championship yet, but he might this weekend.

Chris Harding

I’ve got the weekend free from work and there are no distractions around. There aren’t even any mind-altering substances to keep me away from playing some games! I’ve got Telefrag to try out with my colleagues, and a few reviews to write up before the month’s end. Strangely, I’ve been putting a lot more gaming time into my PC this past week or so, and I’ve rediscovered my love for Awesomenauts. 800 hours to-date… Since 2012, mind you. I’ve also been getting my RTS fix from the classic Cossacks: Back to War which I picked up cheap on Steam.

Jeremy Peterson

I’ll be working most of Saturday, but I’ve promised myself some quality game time this weekend. Which means I’ll probably wake up early, strap the psvr headset to my face and fire up some Telefrag. If that doesn’t turn out well, I can always pivot to some Firewall Zero Hour. My “flat” gaming adventures will be limited, but if I find the time, it’ll probably consist of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Jason Frye

After almost a week of having my PS4 unplugged, I’ll be trying the Blood & Truth, Catherine: Full Body, and Oninaki demos. I may venture back into the crazy kitchens of Overcooked as well. Why is working myself to the bone in a poorly built restaurant so fun?

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