Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 169

It’s that time of year when the kids are home from school and you wish there were less hours in the day for their immaturity. You know, so you can kick back on the sofa with your console on – just like a mature adult. But unfortunately homework doesn’t appease them, and neither does the change in your wallet. So you’re forced to spend “quality time” together – whatever that is.

Still, you can dream. So how about sharing your desert island game disc with us below, and we’ll share our plight too. I mean game choices…

Jason Frye

I will be working on a game for review, and trying to finish up some games from the backlog. It alleviates some of the guilt when I add to it later.

Max Taylor

No games for me this weekend as Hope and I will be up in York visiting family. I will however use the 5 hour train journey to do some writing between naps, snacks and episodes of Attack on Titan.

Stuart McLean

On a flight of fancy I’ve reinstalled Batman: Arkham Knight to play through, and have only gone and purchased the season pass to justify it, so my plan is to play through that and see what trophies I can mop up this time round. Come on Rocksteady, what have you got in store for us next??

Chris Harding

I’ll be building voodoo dolls of my shoe shop employees and then… well, use your imagination. It’s me. There wont be any pins… when I’m not lamenting my work life I’ll be catching up on some games. I’ve still got a couple of reviews in the oven so be on the lookout for my words this Sunday! I’m also going to be turning on the PS3 for the first time in a very long time. Wonder how it’ll hold up? Not very well is my guess, but it’s a fun way to kill an hour on a rainy afternoon.

Kyle Durant

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is undoubtedly getting much playtime, but The Church in the Darkness review must be done! Let’s hope I don’t drink too much kool-aid though.

Jeremy Peterson

I’m off to Kansas City for the weekend, so it will be a steady diet of beer, bbq, and Chasm on my Switch.

Hannah Ellis

I’ll be keeping the earphones on as long as possible as next door’s grandchildren practice their plastic whistle compositions. So, in between the ear piercing screeches, I’ll be playing chopsticks in Sleeping Dogs. How this hasn’t had a sequel is beyond me.

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