Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 17

Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 17

Expect to see a lot of Deus Ex this weekend; lots of robots and murder and… well I haven’t played it but that seems accurate? It’s just released and here at Pure PlayStation it’s being thoroughly enjoyed. Check out what we’ll be playing over the weekend and let us know what you’re going to be getting stuck into down in the comments.

Jake Ellis

This weekend will see a serious lack of online competitive gaming from myself. I am finally well and truly engaged in the Witcher 3. The game is exceptional in every conceivable¬†way and is the kind of experience that comes along oh so rarely. Without sounding too soppy, ¬†I have been especially impressed with the depth and emotion to certain quests and characters. Most notably the quest line ‘Family Matters’, if you’ve played the Witcher 3 you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Kyle Durant

I’m going for a no detection playthrough of Deus Ex Mankind Divided. About halfway through but it’s still pretty challenging. Also, I got Hue to enjoy along with the ever entertaining Rocket League.

Dom O’Leary

I’ll be ham-fisting it through Deus Ex, trying to be sneaky but ending up murdering everyone (they shot first!). also finishing up DOGOS for my review, other than that… oh who am I kidding… Deus Ex!

Jason Frye

So, Deus Ex seems to be popular. I will be finishing up the game for review, unless dark and sinister shadow corporations conspire to keep me from it.


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