Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 170

Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 170

The weekend is here and it’s time to play some damn video games. The world is a pretty shitty place right now, and so a little bit of light-hearted escapism is just what the doctor ordered. Climate change and debt? Play some games. Hurricanes and floods? Play some more games. Crime on rise? Join the baddies and loot your local GameStop.

Here’s what the Pure PlayStation team is up to on this lovely weekend:

Chris Harding

This weekend will see me flogging shoes to Germans on Saturday, and then spending Sunday in my undies in front of my air con. It’s hot right now and my body can not take it. I wanted to do some VR gaming but I’d prefer to not have sweat dripping into my eyes the whole weekend, so I’ll stick with some regular games. I’ve started a new game on Mafia III recently, due to it being a part of the PS Now subscription. I’ve also been playing the hell out of GTA San Andreas on the Xbox One X. I’m on something of an open-world crime binge. I’m too good a person in real life to actually go on a crime spree, so I’m living vicariously through my games.

When I’m not living the digital THUG LYF, I’ll be locked at my desk writing some reviews and catching up on the news.

Hannah Ellis

I will be taking it easy this weekend with a few rounds of Everybody’s Golf. The sweater’s on and I’m ready to swing, though that sentence could easily be misinterpreted…

Kyle Durant

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is almost over at 82 hours played. I have discovered the entirety of the map, done all side quests afforded to me halfway through the story, and all other side content that I can do. So I should be done this weekend with the main story as it’s just a matter of fast traveling from place to place. But wait!I got both DLCs on sale so more adventure awaits still! If I can pull myself away from that then the Black Desert beta went live today and maybe jump back into No Man’s Sky for that juicy Beyond update on Tuesday. Still pissed that I can’t get my base or resources back though from the last overhaul.

Jason Frye

With all the news about Twitch streamers and the money you can make, I’ll be picking up some low-cut shirts and short shorts to put these curves to work. When I’m not making “content”, I will be enjoying Resident Evil 2’s jump scares and avoiding Mr. X.

Max Taylor

It’s Hope’s birthday this weekend so the next few days shall consist of eating and drinking in excess in various quantities and combinations. However, next week will be very productive. I’ll be finishing off my Telefrag and Crystar reviews and hopefully catching up with more of my backlog, which mainly entails giving Banner Saga my full attention.

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