Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 171

The holy weekend is once again upon us. The rising tides have yet to flood our homes and break our precious PlayStations and television sets, so it’s another weekend gifted to us, and one that we should not waste.

If you’ve got chores to do, fob them off for another day. If you’ve got church to go to, just watch a sermon online or something. If you’ve got family commitments, take a handheld console and get some gaming time in under the dinner table. Just please, do not waste your weekend.

Forget about your diet. Raid the fridge and scoff some snacks. Leave the gym alone, unless you’re competing for another Pokemon badge. Don’t you dare pick up the vacuum cleaner, either. Wallow in your own filth for a couple of days, it’s good for you!

Whatever you choose to do, don’t waste your weekend. There might not be another one!

Chris Harding

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do this weekend. I’ve got a fridge full of red bulls and a Saturday night booked in front of my TV and PS4. I’m working through No Man’s Sky again, but this time in PSVR. I’ve also got Age of Wonders: Planetfall and a couple of others for review, so I’m going to be very, very busy.

Kyle Durant

I have clawed my way to the 2nd episode of the Legacy of the Lost Blade DLC and should finally be done this Assassin’s Creed Odyssey adventure by next weekend. Well over 100 hours by that point. Also, No Man’s Sky Beyond (in creative mode) has offered nothing but good, albeit complicated learning curve times. Same goes with the Wipeout Omega Collection’s VR support. Although way more simpler.

Jason Frye

When I’m not making my rounds on the children’s birthday party circuit this weekend, I’ll be making things explode in pretty ways in Rage 2.

Max Taylor

I have finally finished Crystar so my review will be out soon. Feel like I’m in a bit of a game slump and I’m not sure if I fancy sinking 20+ hours into Banner Saga so maybe it’s time to search my backlog for some indie gems to cleanse the palette.

Jeremy Peterson

After finally receiving my 3D Rudder, I’ll be playing every PSVR game I have that utilizes this strange little contraption. First up will be  Sairento, followed by some Immortal Legacy and Scraper: First Strike. Hopefully, I’ll find some time for The Mage’s Tale and the Wizards, but the weekend only lasts so long. If all goes well, I’ll write up a little review for this crazy new controller.

Hannah Ellis
I will be investing some time into Dragon Quest Builders 2 while life is a little quiet. Although, now I’ve said that, I’ll probably be run off my feet this weekend now. Ace Combat 7 is also begging for a take off, so I might grab life by the joystick and join the mile high club…

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