Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 173

After the heart-stopping cricket action, you’d be forgiven for wanting to take it easy this weekend. But where there’s a console, there’s a game. And that backlog won’t play itself. So, pretend it’s a wicket and go after it. Your dream of a clear library may turn to ashes, but as this “spectator sport” shows, that’s not always a bad thing.

We assume your backlog is far from average. So, after you’ve endured our plans, why not share with us the number of games you’ve got begging for attention, along with the biggest name you’re giving the cold shoulder.

Jason Frye

This long holiday weekend will be filled with family and events, but I’ll be trying to put some gaming time in too. I’ll be playing with some Angry Birds in VR for a review. I fell into the limitless universe of No Man’s Sky, and it seems to have more and more to see and do. It’s solid so far, and I guess waiting three years to play it was the right choice. Man of Medan will get some time from me as well. I haven’t read any reviews, but I’m hoping to recapture that Until Dawn feeling again.

Max Taylor

I’ve not been playing much recently but I just picked up Control so I’m excited to get stuck into that this weekend between working a hellish match day tomorrow and working on some art commissions.

Kyle Durant

Wreckfest online will definitely get some attention, but Remnant: From the Ashes will be the majority of my experience this weekend. I have to upgrade my character even more so I can fight all the bosses, get all the cool weapons and gear, and be able to actually play hard mode easily. It by itself is quite a challenge and there’s still a harder difficulty yet.

Chris Harding

This weekend is more work for me with little time for playing games. I’ve still got some reviews on the backburner, so I’m hoping that my Saturday night will be spend locked at my desk until I’ve managed to pull my thoughts from my brain and put them on the page. Once the crazy Saturday night is over and I’m recovering the next day, I’ll see if I can get some more time with No Man’s Sky on PSVR. It’s been difficult. Europe is melting again so putting on the PSVR isn’t very enjoyable. If it’s too hot for virtual reality, I’ll have a nosey through my catalogue and play whatever takes my fancy.

Hannah Ellis

Work will be taking priority this weekend. Unfortunately. But I’ve got an itch for a Lego game that I might just have to scratch.

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