Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 174

Single player games are where we spend most of our time, but there is something really special about couch co-op that other forms of multiplayer just can’t match. There is an extra energy just by having actual people in the room. It’s something special. Maybe it’s the satisfaction of being able to see the look on their face as you make an impossible victory. Maybe it feels like more of a shared experience, perhaps even falling under the definition of “quality time”. Whatever it is, it’s nice when developers bundle that into a game.

Here is how we will be spending our gaming time this weekend. Will you be gaming solo, or will you be enjoying your games with a little couch co-op?

Kyle Durant

Remnant: From the Ashes has been platinumed, and Borderlands 3 is next week. So all I’m doing is catching up on the backlog by playing Shadow Warrior 2, and some Wreckfest online will be graced as well.

Chris Harding

Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Definitive Edition has eaten up my evenings this week, and I’m looking forward to getting through the rest this weekend. I’ve skipped the first 2 seasons as I played them years ago, so I’ve only got one more episode of A New Frontier to finish and then the final season. It’s pretty draining, to be honest, and it makes me thankful that we don’t live in a zombie apocalypse, despite my daily desire to take a bat to people’s heads.

Stuart Mclean

Having had a quiet few weeks on the gaming front I’m looking forward to a couple of hours, controller in hand, trying to make a dent in my backlog which has crept up on me like a dodgy infection. Between The Walking Dead: Definitive Edition and Control my weekend is sorted.

Hannah Ellis

I’m giving The Sims 4 the benefit of the doubt by giving it a go on the console. To be honest, I’m not expecting the controls to feel anywhere near as fluid as a PC. But I’m intrigued as to whether the core experience is still there, considering how much has been relegated to DLC. You used to get so much more as standard!

Jeremy Peterson

I haven’t had much time to play anything  lately, but I did just finish Chasm on the Switch, and I just picked up Dead Cells on sale.  But I’m mostly excited to finish up my play-through of Scraper: First Strike on the PSVR. Of all the games that that support the 3D Rudder, Scraper is so far the best fit.

Jason Frye

I’ll be working on reviews this weekend, so I hope to have some live next week. I’ll also be trying to play through Man of Medan again. I only killed three of them the first time, and I’m pretty sure I can do better than that.


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