Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 175

Stories are one of the best parts of a game. Not every game needs a detailed story (yes, really), but a truly great story can elevate an otherwise so-so game and make a great game greater. The potential for suspension of belief, even in a ridiculous setting, allows for you to become a part or complete director of where your story goes in a way that can be almost godlike for the player. Even for a linear story, there’s an energy that rolls off electric dialog (or no dialogue) or an explosive scene. It’s a connection that we are often promised with new game announcements and is less often delivered. When it is, there’s nothing like it.

Here are the games and stories we’ll be playing this weekend. Was there a game’s story that you loved? Drop your favorites in the comments.

Kyle Durant

Borderlands 3 is all my PS4 will ever experience this weekend. So far it’s living up to the Borderlands namesake but I am only 3 hours in.

Chris Harding

I’ve got so much time this weekend, where do I even begin? I won’t be at work, so I can stay up stupidly late playing games. If my boy Jez is down for some Firewall, I’ve got some new jokes I’d like to try out on unsuspecting players. I’ve also got a new PSVR game to review, so I’ll be donning the headset anyway. When I’m not blasting fools and telling jokes in PSVR, I’ll be saving Mars from the EDF in Red Faction Guerrilla: Re-Mars-tered, thanks to PS Now actually putting some decent stuff up. I’m sure I’ll play a lot of games this weekend, but I’m not really on a schedule or anything, so it’ll be whatever takes my fancy. Truthfully, though, I’ll probably end up wasting the weekend watching stupid videos on Facebook, and then Sunday evening I’ll wonder where the time went. It’s always the same…

Stuart Mclean

A weekend ahead with nothing but time on my side means stocking up on snacks and sitting in front of the PS4 for some alone time. Control is taking precedent over anything else at the minute – I’ve still to finish Kingdom Hearts 3 for no other reason than the story is now just a tangled mess which is crushing any fun I was having with it to the point I just want to get the thing finished. Meanwhile Borderlands 3 is sitting on a shop shelf all slutty as it alluringly winks and whispers sweet nothings in a bid to get me to throw down some hard earned cash. It will probably work too – I’m easy that way.

Jeremy Peterson

In the spirit of the best and most timeless writing advice I’ve ever received – omit needless words – my weekend gaming will consist of the following: Firewall Zero Hour with Captain Chris and Borderlands 3 with my son.

Jason Frye

I’m finally going to finish that extra playthrough of Man of Medan. I have managed to kill some new people, but not the one person I’m trying to eliminate. It’s only a matter of time, Julia. Other than that, I’ll dive into the backlog to work on some unfinished games.

The rest of the team couldn’t make it in time for publication. They were all stuck in Fantasia, but, with a little luck (dragon), they should be back next week.

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