Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 176

’twas the week that Batman missed his cameo at State of Play. Consequently, it was also the week our boss lost his shiz because mr chiroptera was a no show. Which made it quite an entertaining one behind the scenes at Pure PlayStation HQ. And in front of the scenes, over on our Facebook page.

Let’s just say, it would be in everyone’s best interest for Rocksteady and Warner Bros to make an announcement – asap – rather than mere empty teasers.

Our hearts can’t take it. And neither can our boss’ inhaler.

Here’s what we’ll be playing this weekend, in between the therapy sessions, in an attempt to heal the disappointment. And if you can stop crying your heart out long enough, why not share your plans?

Let’s show the Bat we’re over him! *sniff sniff*

Kyle Durant

With Borderlands 3 platinumed, all I have to do is finish True Vault Hunter mode. Going to take my time on that one though. Dauntless has come through to the site so I’ll be hopping on that with fellow PP slaves and maybe starting working on a Trine 4 review.

Jason Frye

My weekend will mostly be spent working on some reviews and trying to dodge my kiddo’s pink eye this weekend. I’ll also try to put in some more generic character face time in the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta.

Chris Harding

I’ve just started L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files on PSVR and I am HOOKED. It is without a doubt one of the best PSVR games I’ve played to date. It might be an old game, but in VR it is something special. When I’m not cruising the streets of 1940s Los Angeles, I’ll be playing a few other games I’ve got for review purposes. Yooka-Laylee’s second outing is proving a lovely little distraction, and WRC 8 needs to be started. I’ve got a lot going on this weekend so I’ll be very, very busy.

Hannah Ellis

I’ll be spending the weekend with Euclid, Newton and Kepler as I tackle the first assignments of the year. However, those brainboxes lived at a time when their biggest distraction was a stonking game of chess, whereas I’ve got a pile of blue cases calling me away. So, the equations will have to share my time with Dirt Rally.

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