Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 176

It seems like the existence of aliens was all but confirmed this week. Strictly speaking, the United States Navy only confirmed “unidentified aerial phenomena” in the newly released videos. They could be swamp gas or weather balloons or any number of reasonable explanations, but maybe Fox Mulder’s conspiracy rants were right.

Aliens come from space, and space is cool. It’s an undeniable fact. Games in space are cool too, and we have a variety from shooters to puzzlers set in, around, and even between it. Before our alien overlords take control, what are your favorite space games? You can even name the games that just take up space in your backlog if you like. Let us know in the comments.

If we aren’t abducted by aliens for some vigorous probing, here are the games we’ll be playing this weekend.

Kyle Durant

Borderlands 3 will once again occupy the majority of my time this weekend. I have missions and trophies to clean up as well as starting True Vault Hunter mode. I can’t wait to grow stronger and make my way through the Borderlands galaxy again.

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Stuart Mclean

Having asked around I made the plunge and purchased Borderlands 3, but it still sits in its shiny plastic wrapper as I battle to best Control – not that it’s hard, just that real life has got in the way waaaaaay too much this week.

Chris Harding

It’s the last weekend of my holiday so I’ll be making the most out of it. I’ve got review games on the go, but my main “fun” will come from Red Dead Redemption 2 on the Xbox. My first playthrough was a big rush in order to get a review out in good time, but this time around I’m taking it slow and enjoying everything there is too see. I’ll probably dip into Firewall if the chance comes and see what mischief I can get away with in there.

Jason Frye

I will be working on a review, but, if I have any extra time, I may spend it building block by charming block in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

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